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Greetings all, It's been quite awhile since the last update. I've been super busy working on new projects, work, my yoga... you name it. But I've finally found the time to sit down and complete the final touches on the Creating Origami blog which will serve as central location for all of the various posts, diagrams, updates etc around my origami work and related activities. If you've not been keeping up on the news on the origami-l list be sure to check the "news" section on the blog which has updates on all the new books (I think there's 5 now) new diagrams and other undertakings we've been focusing on.

Now that the blog is up and active it will be much easier to efficiently get updates out to y'all and if you're done with getting news on new books and diagrams you can easily unsubscribe with the handy link at the bottom. Just to quickly summarize we've now got a Mooser's Train book, a book of Dragons by Stamm (remember him from the campaign?) as well as finally getting the wonderful paperback versions of all the past editions of the OrigamiUSA annual collections online and available for sale - you can check it all out on my authors page and the OrigamiUSA website.

The final bit of news is that I'm finally releasing the diagrams for the last stretch-goal from the campaign which is two flapping dragons which I developed while working on the Stamm's Origami Dragon books. The first is a flapping version of my Natasha's Dragon from the original book and the second is a variation which I discovered in the process which I named after my sweetheart JulieAnn. The models both fold pretty quickly but each contain some not-so-trivial sink folds but if you're able to fold the original you should have little problem with the new ones. Diagrams Here

BTW, if you're not on the mailing list or have a friend who'd like to join just click here to add them for updates.

Sending much love and gratitude and hoping your life is as beautiful as you choose!

-- JC

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