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The original version of JC Nolan’s seminal book, ”Creating Origami", was written and released in 1995 to a small audience of attendees at the annual OUSA (Origami USA) convention in New York City. It had been created over the course of a 3 year period, where after being discouraged by the lack of existing information on the design process for people who wanted to do their own models, Nolan decided if a book on the subject hadn’t been done before, he’d do it himself. After a successful campaign on to raise funds to release ”Creating Origami” to a new generation of folders the book is once more available. Click here for more information...

Announcing Creating Origami Blog and more!

JulieAnne's Dragon

Greetings all, It's been quite awhile since the last update. I've been super busy working on new projects, work, my yoga... you name it. But I've finally found the time to sit down and complete the final touches on the Creating Origami blog which will serve as central location for all of the various posts, diagrams, updates etc around my origami work and related activities. Read more about Announcing Creating Origami Blog and more!

A Couple of Holiday Toots!

A couple of announcements for your post-turkey pre-holidaze preparations... The first is a very late announcement that "Tom Stamm's Origami Dragons" is finally available in book form. It contains Tom's original "Sea Serpent Dragon" model which was released in booklet form from OUSA way back in the day... but also contains several other of his dragons including his charming "Multi-Piece Sea Serpent" and a few others which have never been diagrammed before. Read more about A Couple of Holiday Toots!

OUSA Annual Collections Paperbacks!

OUSA Origami Collection Covers

Secondly and probably most exciting is that the newly restored and updated versions of the entire 30 year history of the FOCA/OUSA Annual Collections are now available in the same beautiful paperbound versions that the past two years of the OUSA Origami Collection (2013/2014). Read more about OUSA Annual Collections Paperbacks!

Mooser’s Train book!

Mooser's Train Cover

Inspired by the work I've been doing with OUSA with Pubs/Archival, I decided to create a special "extended" version of the Mooser's diagrams I did earlier this year for the 2013 Annual and put them in paperback form for the holiday season. I thought that they might be a fun gift this year to inspire that "special kid" in your life (even your inner kid ;-) Read more about Mooser’s Train book!

Sea Dragon / Multi-Piece Sea Serpent

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you know that the completed Sea Dragon / Multi-Piece Sea Serpent by Tom Stamm have been posted in the OUSA download repository.

Enjoy! Read more about Sea Dragon / Multi-Piece Sea Serpent

Crawford Glider

Patricia Crawford's very lovely and previously unpublished paper airplane Read more about Crawford Glider

Final Details... Stamm's Dragon and Origami Kids!

Hey All,

It's been a long journey but the last piece of the campaign is finally ready -- diagrams of Stamm's Dragon and Sea-SerpentRead more about Final Details... Stamm's Dragon and Origami Kids!

AWESOME Origami!

Hey All,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that my other book Awesome Origami VI and II is (are?) finally available as well. The book is quite cool in that every model in it has been designed by kids… or at least kids under the age of 18. Back in the “day” when I created it I was inspired by the idea of creating passion in young folders to design new models and for that reason pulled the designs from contributors to OUSA’s Origami By Children (OBC) program as well as students I’d taught as well.

origamiKidsCover (How do we integrate an image into a page? Read more about AWESOME Origami!

XYZ - Rhombi / UVWXYZ Stella

New diagrams! Francesco Mancini’s XYZ Rhombi and UVWXYZ Stella Read more about XYZ - Rhombi / UVWXYZ Stella


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