AWESOME Origami!

Hey All,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that my other book Awesome Origami VI and II is (are?) finally available as well. The book is quite cool in that every model in it has been designed by kids… or at least kids under the age of 18. Back in the “day” when I created it I was inspired by the idea of creating passion in young folders to design new models and for that reason pulled the designs from contributors to OUSA’s Origami By Children (OBC) program as well as students I’d taught as well.

origamiKidsCover (How do we integrate an image into a page?

The book was nearly the last thing I produced before “retiring” from the Origami community in 2000 but due to financial limitations was produced as a single double-volume with a flip cover and a cheap tape bind and for that reason it got very little recognition in the community. So as part of my desire to spruce up and preserve my various efforts from back then I’ve cleaned it up, changed the fonts and pulled it together as a single volume.

I also had a spiffy new cover designed for it by a friend of mine (a couple, actually… it turned out to be a group effort) and she mixed up the title in the process calling it “Origami Kids” which I liked even more than the original… so “Origami Kids” it is. Lastly, as a little thank you to OUSA for all their support this past year I deceived to give ALL profits for the book to them and the OBC program. Do check it out… it’s got a bunch of very wonderful models and I’m psyched to see it looking as good as I would have wanted it to back when it was first released. :-)

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