A Couple of Holiday Toots!

A couple of announcements for your post-turkey pre-holidaze preparations... The first is a very late announcement that "Tom Stamm's Origami Dragons" is finally available in book form. It contains Tom's original "Sea Serpent Dragon" model which was released in booklet form from OUSA way back in the day... but also contains several other of his dragons including his charming "Multi-Piece Sea Serpent" and a few others which have never been diagrammed before.

All re-diagrammed by me (and somewhat re-engineered under Tom's close guidance it also includes a set of 4 new flapping dragons (3 by me one by him). Like "Mooser's Train" the book is basically priced as low as possible that Amazon allows so that as many as possible can access his work.

You can check it out on my authors page: http://www.amazon.com/JC-Nolan/e/B00O4PNHKM - Stamm's Dragons

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