Final Details... Stamm's Dragon and Origami Kids!

Hey All,

It's been a long journey but the last piece of the campaign is finally ready -- diagrams of Stamm's Dragon and Sea-Serpent

Tom was one of the generous contributors at the diagram level (admittedly, at my encouraging) and agreed to have me re-diagram his wonderful Sea-serpent Dragon and his Multi-part Sea-Serpent, which had never been previously diagrammed. 

This has all been another labor of love as these were a couple of my favorite models back when Creating Origami was first released and I'm thrilled to have them out there to share again. 

...Content Omitted...

The next piece of exciting news is that CreateSpace has chosen Creating Origami to be one of it's premiere books as an example of great design.  I'm still a little vague precisely how it's going to be used but it feels great to have gotten the recognition from CreateSpace.

The last, very exciting piece of news is that my other book Awesome Origami is also now available on CreateSpace/  The new title is Origami Kids and it consists entirely of models designed by kids, age 8-18.  

It's a lot of fun and I would be grateful if you'd pass the word around about it and leave reviews if you feel moved.  I'm giving all proceeds to OrigamiUSA and any attention the book gets at this point will help get it up in the ratings.

As always, with deep gratitude...

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