Mooser’s Train book!

Mooser's Train Cover

Inspired by the work I've been doing with OUSA with Pubs/Archival, I decided to create a special "extended" version of the Mooser's diagrams I did earlier this year for the 2013 Annual and put them in paperback form for the holiday season. I thought that they might be a fun gift this year to inspire that "special kid" in your life (even your inner kid ;-)

The book version is full-color, includes the original 20 pages of diagrams, updated/cleaned-up versions of the original "photo-step fold hints" which were on-line previously, all the original car variations and two new pages of diagrams with a nice locking sequence for connecting cars that Rui Rhoda and I came up with while he was working on photos for the cover.

And of course the free version of the diagrams is still online as well...


-- JC

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