OUSA Annual Collections Paperbacks!

OUSA Origami Collection Covers

Secondly and probably most exciting is that the newly restored and updated versions of the entire 30 year history of the FOCA/OUSA Annual Collections are now available in the same beautiful paperbound versions that the past two years of the OUSA Origami Collection (2013/2014).

Making these available in paperback form has been a multi-year project with over a half-dozen volunteers (you KNOW who you are!) contributing 100's of hours of time to beautifying and preserving these wonderful books containing models and early diagrams and explorations of many of the best known creators today as well as, of course, updated work as their art has evolved. (Engel, Lang, Montroll, La Fosse, Shafer, Weiss, Robinson, Koh, Kirschenbaum, etc.) 2500 models and 750 contributors in all.

The books all have updated colored covers (as the originals were just one-color xeroxes) cleaned up scans and hand-centering of every single page (initially anyway, later we wrote some custom software to do it because it was taking hours to recenter a single book).

Currently the books are only available through OUSA's Origami Source and are priced extremely reasonably (only $10 a book for members). They are a special order item from The Source so if you are looking for a set (or just a few) for holidays it's a good idea to order them ASAP as delivery time is probably a couple of weeks or so:

https://origamiusa.org/catalog/books-downloads/series/collection - FOCA/OUSA Annuals

Best holiday wishes to all!

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