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The original version of JC Nolan’s seminal book, ”Creating Origami", was written and released in 1995 to a small audience of attendees at the annual OUSA (Origami USA) convention in New York City. It had been created over the course of a 3 year period, where after being discouraged by the lack of existing information on the design process for people who wanted to do their own models, Nolan decided if a book on the subject hadn’t been done before, he’d do it himself. After a successful campaign on to raise funds to release ”Creating Origami” to a new generation of folders the book is once more available. Click here for more information...

And the results are in!

Hey all and thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.  In all we had over 150 respondents and the verdict was the full-bleed version (the one without the white borders) by a landslide...  here's a couple of graphs from the results: Read more about And the results are in!

Mooser's Train has ARRIVED!

Hey All,

Just another quick update to let you  know that the diagrams for Mooser's Train are finally live!  Read more about Mooser's Train has ARRIVED!

Mooser's Train

At long last Mooser’s Train is available… Read more about Mooser's Train

Kindle and iBook versions Ho!

Hey all!  It's been a LONG time since my last update.  After the massive work of getting the final version of Creating Origami out in early September I kinda crashed from exhaustion and took a long deserved break from taking on anything new that involved deadlines - ick!  Read more about Kindle and iBook versions Ho!

Crawford Goldfish

New diagrams! Crawford’s Goldfish, never before released… Read more about Crawford Goldfish

Eric’s Lotus

Eric’s Lotus by Eric Bergmark, originally diagrammed in 2004
and re-released on the event of his passing in late 2011. Read more about Eric’s Lotus

Some more goodies - Andrea's Rose translations

Hey All,

Just another quick update with a few more freebies.  Several of or contributors have volunteered their time to translate Andrea's Rose into French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew!  I've also got someone working on Klingon... Read more about Some more goodies - Andrea's Rose translations

Creating Origami LIVE!


As of yesterday we are officially live and up for business on amazon! Read more about WE'RE LIVE! :-)

Lost Diagrams Ready!

Hey all,

Again, I want to thank you for all the wonderful feedback that I've been getting from all over the world.  I can't really tell you how much it means to me to be able to get a sense of how much joy this project is generating for people.  Today I shipped 50 copies to a dealer in France and a teacher in Japan wants to use it as a text book for an upcoming course.  It feels so good to know that all the attention and care I put into the project is really having an impact.   Read more about Lost Diagrams Ready!


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