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The original version of JC Nolan’s seminal book, ”Creating Origami", was written and released in 1995 to a small audience of attendees at the annual OUSA (Origami USA) convention in New York City. It had been created over the course of a 3 year period, where after being discouraged by the lack of existing information on the design process for people who wanted to do their own models, Nolan decided if a book on the subject hadn’t been done before, he’d do it himself. After a successful campaign on to raise funds to release ”Creating Origami” to a new generation of folders the book is once more available. Click here for more information...

Everything’s in the mail!!!

Hey all, just another very quick note to let y’all know that the last package went out Thursday, followed by stickers yesterday for the ones who were left over. You should all have received e-mails when each shipment embarked with tracking numbers but alas, it seems that the software I used to handle the postage, while a huge benefit, was quite buggy and reports of e-mails received have been spotty. Read more about Everything’s in the mail!!!

Kit-n-Caboodle's Ahoy!

Just another quick update as I am knees-deep in fulfillment - mailing books left and right, sorting tee shirts and herding dozens of origami unicorns! Read more about Kit-n-Caboodle's Ahoy!

First books in the mail! And the International Shipping Fiasco...

First books in the mail!

First off - the exciting news - the first batch of books arrived today with the UPS lady literally exclaiming "Thank god" when I answered the doorbell by opening the garage rather than the front door, and her seeing the big space I'd cleared in the garage for them.  Read more about First books in the mail! And the International Shipping Fiasco...

Nearly ready to ship!

Everything seems to be coming together here in Lapinland in preparation for doing real live shipping!  Our first 300 books were ordered last Sunday and are due to arrive Friday, the tee shirts arrived today and they look GREAT and I spent most of Sun/Mon/Tues getting all the unicorns finished up and they are looking awesome as well.  Read more about Nearly ready to ship!

"Creating Origami" proof ready to go!

Hey All!  Just a quick update to get out the good news... after many hours of refining and cleaning and tweaking the document to work with the new printing software I think we've finally got a proof! Read more about "Creating Origami" proof ready to go!

Lots of good news, a little treat and a little sad news...

Hey all,

Lots to report on this week the most exciting of which is I believe we've got a final draft for the new version of Creating Origami.  Hopefully, that means that we should have real copies of the book ready to go within a week or so and hopefully will start getting things into the mail soon after! Read more about Lots of good news, a little treat and a little sad news...

"It's Magic" Diagrams Ready for Download

Hey All,

The "It's Magic" diagrams are finally ready for download.  The diagrams were completed last week but I needed to add proper security to the website and since I was swamped with edits on Creating Origami I've just now gotten the time to update the code to my liking.  Read more about "It's Magic" Diagrams Ready for Download

The "Lucasification" process nearly completed... and a few more tidbits

When I was in grade school I remember some sage words that came from my band director to my Mom.  I can't recall the exact context of the conversation but the message was deeply impacting.  When it comes to performances by kids there are only two categories: cute and good

It's one of those statements that haunts you over the years: in a good way.  On the surface it seems to be just a simple quip -- but looking deeper there is a whole world of meaning that can be derived.  Read more about The "Lucasification" process nearly completed... and a few more tidbits

"Creating Origami" to premiere at the OUSA convention this week -- and some stats

Hey all... just another quick update from backstage here at "Lapin". Pardon the "chattiness" of this one but there's lots of exciting and important information to convey. Read more about "Creating Origami" to premiere at the OUSA convention this week -- and some stats

Lost Diagrams Ready!

Hey all,

Again, I want to thank you for all the wonderful feedback that I've been getting from all over the world. I can't really tell you how much it means to me to be able to get a sense of how much joy this project is generating for people. Today I shipped 50 copies to a dealer in France and a teacher in Japan wants to use it as a text book for an upcoming course. It feels so good to know that all the attention and care I put into the project is really having an impact. Read more about Lost Diagrams Ready!


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