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The original version of JC Nolan’s seminal book, ”Creating Origami", was written and released in 1995 to a small audience of attendees at the annual OUSA (Origami USA) convention in New York City. It had been created over the course of a 3 year period, where after being discouraged by the lack of existing information on the design process for people who wanted to do their own models, Nolan decided if a book on the subject hadn’t been done before, he’d do it himself. After a successful campaign on to raise funds to release ”Creating Origami” to a new generation of folders the book is once more available. Click here for more information...

"Creating Origami" - Project Update #2

Hey Everyone,

I just wanting to get a quick update out to everyone to keep you informed on what’s going on here at Lapin. First and foremost THANK YOU for all of the support and encouragement. We’ve gotten so many good ideas from everyone and are really appreciating the feedback. It feels so good that people are excited about the book and we are scrambling to make sure we give back to you as quickly and generously as you are giving to us. Read more about "Creating Origami" - Project Update #2

A Sense of Community

Hey all,

First of all, thanks and WOW. Seriously.

One of the most amazing things about the campaign to date has been the immense support that has occurred around it, people from all over the world wanting to help out and offering their own particular skills and passion. It reminds me what a loving and sweet community of people there has always been around origami and how universal that community is internationally. Read more about A Sense of Community

Kickstarter Live!

The Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the re-release of “Creating Origami” is live. I wanted to make it about three-weeks long as kickstarter recommended that shorter campaigns do better. So I checked the lunar calendar, occurrence of weekends, time differential in Munich and decided to have it end on the first Monday in June — right on the night of the full moon. Yeah, sorry, I live in California… I can’t help but have the culture rub off on me! Read more about Kickstarter Live!


The "Creating Origami" Kickstarter project reached 100% funding in 6 hours and is currently nearing 400% after less than two days. It has been such a buzz of activity here at Lapin Publishing -- It feels like 1995 all over again. I can't express how touched I feel by your support.

Thanks to your contributions you can count on a Kindle conversion at some point in the future, an enhanced model menu and hopefully, delivery of the book within weeks rather than months. Read more about AMAZING!


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